Hornby G. Lee Mining Co. Ltd, Bagnall 0-4-0DH - Era 6

R30051 1 br-diesel-g-lee-bagnall-0-4-0


With demand for coal falling during the 1960s, many small mining companies were losing money hand over fist. Despite the difficult circumstances, the purchase of a Bagnall diesel locomotive allowed the G. Lee Mining Co. to resist closure owing to greater operating efficiency. In fact, the locomotive made such an impact that there was hope the mine would stick it out long enough to rake in the big money once their competitors had closed down.

Item Scale: 1:76 Scale 00 Gauge

Gauge: OO

Designer: Bagnall

Wheel Configuration: 0-4-0

Minimum Curve: Radius 1

Motor: 3 Pole

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Product Details

  • Product code R30051
  • Brand Hornby
  • Scale OO Gauge
R30051 1 br-diesel-g-lee-bagnall-0-4-0
R30051 1 br-diesel-g-lee-bagnall-0-4-0

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