Glossy Wet Mud Soils



This innovative set includes all necessary products to recreate Mud & Splashes effects for muddy wet grounds with its distinct glossy aspect. Add the final touches of variable textures and colours to your model mixing these 3 products to create the most realistic effects. Apply with a brush or tool, manipulate or remove with a clean brush moist with thinner. These are enamel-based products, so you will have time to rework, blend, and adapt to your desired result before it dries. This set includes the following mud products:

A.MIG-1705 WET MUD (Heavy Mud)

A.MIG-1754 DAMP EARTH (Splashes)

A.MIG-1755 WET GROUND (Splashes)

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  • Product code AMIG7442
  • Brand Mig Jimenez

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