Hornby Bloxham & Whiston Ironstone Co. Ltd, Peckett B2 Class

R3765 boxed

Built in 1918 for the Bloxham & Whiston, the Peckett B2 Class

Peckett 1456 was built in 1918 for the Bloxham & Whiston Ironstone Co. Ltd

Following the First World War, ironstone was exploited as a resource and in 1918 the B&WI Co. Ltd were in possession of 191 acres of land in and around Bloxham. The workings were short lived though, being abandoned by 1921 and 1456 was sold onto Stewarts & Lloyds Minerals Ltd, working the Harringworth Ironstone Quarries between 1923 and 1952 when the locomotive was scrapped.

1:76 Scale 00 Gauge

DCC Ready 6 pin socket (Decoder not supplied)

Minimum Curve (mm) Radius 1

Motor 3 Pole Skew wound

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  • Product code R3765
  • Brand Hornby
  • Scale OO Gauge
R3765 boxed
R3765 boxed
R3765 bloxham-whiston-ironstone-co-ltd-peckett
R3765 bloxham-whiston-ironstone-co-ltd-peckett

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