Airfix Bristol Beaufort Mk.1

A04021 1 bristol-beaufort-mk-i


72nd Scale.

Designed by the Bristol Aeroplane Company during the 1930s, the Beaufort is significant as the only monoplane produced for the Royal Air Force designed from the outset as a torpedo bomber and reconnaissance platform.

Entering Royal Air Force service with No.22 Squadron Coastal Command in January 1940, the Beaufort proved to be a rugged and highly manoeuvrable aircraft, although the engines continued to be something of a problem. Initially employed laying mines in enemy waters, Beauforts would later mount attacks against the German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, however, in the European theatre, the aircraft would operate in the main as a medium bomber. In the Mediterranean, Beauforts operating from Egypt and Malta would take a terrible toll of Axis shipping and during a concerted onslaught from the middle of 1942, would make a significant contribution in denying Rommels Afrika Korps the vital supplies they needed to continue fighting the desert war.

Requires paint and glue to complete
Paints and glue not included

Item Length - (cm) 18.6

Item Height - (cm) 6.08

Item Width - (cm) 24.4

How many pieces will be found in the box-159

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A04021 1 bristol-beaufort-mk-i
A04021 1 bristol-beaufort-mk-i
A04021 bristol-beaufort-mki b
A04021 bristol-beaufort-mki b
A04021 bristol-beaufort-a
A04021 bristol-beaufort-a

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