Airfix Blackburn Buccaneer S.2 RN

A06021 blackburn-box


The mighty Blackburn Buccaneer was one of the most capable low-level strike aircraft of the Cold War period, originally entering Royal Navy service in 1962 to counter the significant threat of a massive Soviet Naval expansion programme. Rather than face the crippling cost of building new ships of their own to meet this threat, British thinking at the time was to use their new strike jet to destroy the Soviet ships with a combination of conventional and nuclear weapons.

72nd scale

Item Length - Without Packaging (cm) 26.8

Item Height - Without Packaging (cm) 6.88

Item Width - Without Packaging (cm) 18.6

How many pieces will be found in the box  141




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A06021 blackburn-box
A06021 blackburn-box
A06021 blackburn-buccaneer-built-1
A06021 blackburn-buccaneer-built-1

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